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The Tauhoa Tattler is our weekly newsletter, please click on the links below to read


Are sent home weekly on a Friday to keep you informed on school matters and coming events. These newsletters also get circulated to the wider community to keep them informed on all school matters every week.  On short weeks, due to public holidays, there will not be a newsletter.

If you have anything to advertise please feel free to do so through our newsletter, a small fee may apply. We also show children’s work if there is space, and list upcoming events. Also normally permission forms for trips and school events come home with the Tattler. Please file them in and return them to school ASAP.

Notices Home

Sports and school trips newsletters and forms are on yellow paper, blue is for lunch orders, purple for FOTS (fundraising), Calf Club has green paper and orange paper is used for Health notices. These generally go home on a Friday with the Tattler. They need to be filled in and returned to school promptly as this aids us in organising transportation… without stress trying to chase forms up.

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