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Principal’s Welcome

Tena Koutou Tena Koutou Tena Koutou Katou
Welcome to all new and existing families to Tauhoa School

Tauhoa School has a long history of educating children in this area for over 140 years. It was rebuilt in 2010. Our multi-purpose room and new library, Atuanui, were completed in 2017.

Our school operates an open-door policy and has a warm, approachable staff.

It is our firm belief that working with families enables us to provide an opportunity for children to develop into happy, well educated, lifelong learners.

Our school promotes the demonstration of Tauhoa Citizenship through “Doing your Tauhoa BEST”. Students are explicitly taught expectations and how to Be Respectful, Empathic, Self-aware, and Trustworthy.

Tauhoa School promotes learning with our learning tools or learner dispositions. We want all our learners to be: Resilient, Responsible, Inquisitive, Self-motivated and Collaborative.

Our school enjoys a supportive community with spirit and a passion to do the best for our tamariki, our children.  Our school relishes the environment in which we live in and promotes the care of our land.

Whilst continuing to celebrate our traditional rural background, we also seek to create a 21st century learning environment. We want our students to be prepared for the future whilst celebrating their history.

I look forward to working and learning alongside you, and your family, at Tauhoa.

Vivienne Goldsmith