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General Information


All children are expected to bring a note explaining absences. If your child is going to be away, please phone the School or text before 9.00am of that day. If we do not receive a phone call, text or note we will contact you either by phone or text. Our text number is: 021 0833 2615 This is a safeguard for your child so that teachers & parents know of the child’s whereabouts at all times. You have a legal obligation to ensure your child attends school. All absences need to be substantiated.

Report an Absence Online

Appointments with Staff

The Staff, including the Principal, are more than happy to talk to you about any concerns you may have with your child or within the school. However, to ensure that your trip to the school is not a wasted one, it is important that you arrange a time to meet with the Teachers/Principal. Please contact the office to arrange a convenient time.


Assemblies are held every Monday from pm. This time is used for greetings, notices, guest speakers and presentation of certificates.
Classes take turns to run these, developing leadership skills, where they also have the opportunity to share items.


Banking facilities are available through the school. Banking is provided by ASB Bank. If you would like your child to bank then please send them to the office for an application form.  When making a deposit into our account it is helpful to put in a reference. ie: lunches or camp… and your surname. If you require a receipt for this let the office know and one will be written for you.

Our school account for internet banking is as follows

Account Name: Tauhoa School Board of Trustees
Account Number: 12 3094 0214248 00

Book Club (Scholastic New Zealand Ltd)

Approximately once a month order forms will come home for children to order books.  The school earns bonus points for purchasing books with every book sold. Please make cheques payable to Scholastic New Zealand. For credit card orders you fill in the scholastic order form with your card details. You may also pay with cash. Also online you can order through the Book Club LOOP. Books will arrive with the other orders at school. Follow the instructions and see details on order forms.


Tauhoa School has a zero tolerance for bullying. All verbal/ physical bullying is dealt with seriously according to our School Policy.

Civil Defence  |  Emergencies

Should any major disaster or emergency occur, children would be held at school, under supervision, until a parent or authorised person comes to pick them up.

Cool School

Our school uses student mediators in the playground to help resolve student issues. This is a great way for students to learn to solve their own problems. School mediators are trained and are supported by the duty teacher.

Dress Code

Our school has a dress code.  Tee shirts with inappropriate advertising for children, offensive language or that downgrades others (through words or pictures) can not be worn at school.  The wearing of ear studs or sleepers, watch and a taonga (worn under clothing) is permitted. Hair is to be of a natural colour.

Education Outside the Classroom

Outdoor Education forms an important part of every child’s learning. All classes will regularly have experience beyond the walls of their room. Generally, only the senior pupils will stay away for a week long camp.

The main camping ventures generally take place in Term 1 or Term 4, with further experiences being offered throughout the year.

It is our strong belief that every child should have the chance to experience camp. If you find there are financial difficulties, please see the Principal.

Friends of Tauhoa School (FOTS)

The school has a fundraising committee that works to raise funds for all the “extras” needed not provided by the MOE.  The committee has events during the year to raise funds, which include social events, Calf Club and Gala, Devonshire Teas etc. Meetings are held regularly every term generally at 7 pm in the staff room, and if you have to bring your children this is fine as we can set up a movie or games for them in a classroom.  Anyone is more than welcome to attend. If you are interested in helping out with fundraising please contact the school office if you are interested.


We encourage pupils and the community to use our grounds/facilities outside of school hours and during the weekends. Children must go home before returning to play. Users must report any vandalism or people acting suspiciously.

Sun Hats

Are compulsory for Term 1 and after Labour Weekend for Term 4


Heat pumps are installed in each of the classrooms and they provide regulated heating throughout the year. Also they are used to cool the classrooms when needed. We also have infrared heating in all our hallways, support rooms and Library.


Our school does believe our students work hard at school and need time to spend with family and friends at home. Our homework reflects this.
Homework only consists of reading, spelling and maths basic facts. In the senior section of the school, homework may have a topic component that directly relates to the school programme. Homework should be completed each night.

ICT (Information Communication Technology)

All students on enrolment are asked to sign a cyber safety agreement before being permitted to use our School computer system.

Currently, our school supplies all our students their own chrome book to use at school and, if and when necessary, at home.

Alternatively students can apply to bring their own suitable device to school to use for their schoolwork. Please ask at the office for further information.

Our school has high-speed ultra fast broadband. We are happy to support our community to utilize this if needed. For example: for training. Please contact the Principal for details on how to go about this.


Students are allowed to wear a watch, and one set of small sleepers or earrings at school. Students may wear a taonga under their clothing.

Kiwis on the Kaipara

Our school supports the Kiwis on the Kaipara Programme.

Kapa Haka

Tauhoa School has a Kapa Haka Group. The whole school takes part and performs at the Kaipara Festival and other occasions


The children are encouraged to borrow books from the library, which is full of reference and fiction books of all levels. If your borrowed book should accidentally get damaged please return it to school so it can be repaired – unreturned books will be billed to you. The library is available to students throughout the week with a specific library time timetabled within each classroom routine and during lunch times.

Lost Property

All lost property is placed in a box outside the Principal’s office on the deck. We will, when necessary, donate unclaimed clothes to the local opportunity shop.

Parent Help

We encourage parent help and support in the school including assisting with reading, school trips and other little jobs within the school. If you would like to be involved within the school please let the staff know.


Please do not park in the area directly in front of the school doors where the bus parks.
In winter, please refrain from parking on any grass areas.

School Rules

Our school rules are our school values. We believe that if our students are respectful, empathic, self-aware and trustworthy in their play and actions they will play and learn with care, fairness and consideration for others and their environment they are in.

School Photos

These are taken usually in Term 4 along with individual portraits if required.

Student Concerns

If you have any concerns please:

  • In the first instance discuss the problem with the Class Teacher

  • If the problem is not resolved, make an appointment and discuss the matter with the Principal

  • If you are still not satisfied, follow up with a letter in writing to the School Board Presiding Member

  • The School Board will endeavour to mediate a successful outcome using the appropriate channels

We look forward to a positive working relationship, and hope that any misunderstandings can be dealt with quickly.

Trees for Survival

Our school is part of the Trees for Survival Programme. This means our students actively raise trees for planting on our local area. We also spend a day each year planning trees at our local regional park, Atiu Creek.


Tauhoa School does not have a school uniform. For events we issue students with a Tauhoa School top, shorts and a sweatshirt. These look best with black track pants. Please wash and return shirts to school after the event. They are not suitable to go in the dryer Parents will be charged the full cost of the uniform if deemed lost.

Working Bees

At various times throughout the year a working bee may be called to assist with a project at the school. Details of these events will be in the newsletter. All help is appreciated and many hands make light work!

A to Z

We have a helpful booklet that is issued to every family once a year with this and other information for you to keep on hand.