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Accidents, Allergies, Emergencies

We need to have an up-to-date phone number and address in case of emergency. We also require an alternative number and person to contact.

In the event of an accident at school, we will attend to the child with basic first aid. We will contact you or your emergency number/s if we feel your child needs further medical treatment. When children are unwell, you will be contacted to come and take your child home. If no contact is made, your child will be supervised at school, and not sent home to an empty house. If your child requires medication at school, e.g. inhalers, antihistamine, please label the medication clearly and bring to school (personally).

You will have to sign a form to allow staff to administer medicines. It will be stored appropriately where all staff members have access to it.


We have a qualified school counselor available to our students. Students can nominate themselves by putting their name into the chatterbox located in the foyer. Parents and staff can do the same. Once an initial meeting of 15 minutes has taken place, a note is sent home by the councilor if further time is required. Parent permission is required for counseling to continue. The school funds this service.

Dental Clinic

Our Dental Therapist is based at Wellsford Primary School. Yearly the Dental Therapist organises dental checks, if you require their service any other time please contact the clinic direct on 09 423 8975. Alternatively, the mobile clinic may visit the school, where students are assessed and treated on site if appropriate. The mobile unit number is 09 839 0534 or 0800 433 6825.

Health Support Services

Our school has an iMOKO Clinic which all students can belong to. We have regular visits from the Public Health Nurse and audiometrist /optometrist
(Hearing and Vision). We also receive support from Te Ha Oranga. Should you require these services other than a normal school visit, these services can be requested. We also have a school counselor. (see counselor)


We have a iMOKO Clinic in the morning at school. It is a health clinic run here at school. Doctor Lance O’Sullivan supports this Clinic. It is a great way to be seen and get antibiotics or any other treatment. Antibiotics are able to be collected from Wellsford or delivered to school. These then go home with the student. How it works is that the patient is seen by a support parent / whanau and if they feel it is necessary photos will be emailed off to the Medical Centre where they will have a description (ie, temperature, oozing wound…) sent along with it. Then the medical staff there will diagnose the necessary treatment. If a prescription is required then that will be sent to Wellsford Pharmacy where the school organizes for it to get delivered to the family. We are very lucky to have this service.

Public Health Nurse

Our school has a strong relationship with our public health nurse and is available through our school or home support.