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Breakfast  |  Lunch

Sweets, chewing gum and Fizzy drinks

These are not permitted at school and should not be part of a student’s lunchbox
These are treats and are organized as such for a special reason


At 8.00am we have our “Hobbit Breakfast” this is open to all students. We supply Weetbix and milk with a little sugar for those that want it. We do this as some students leave home so early and aren’t able to have breakfast or some just need a little top up.

Brain Break

This is an extra short break around 9.30am where the students have a healthy snack. This helps with their learning.


Tauhoa School is part of the Ka Ora Healthy Lunch programme. Our school runs the internal model which means all our food is prepared on site by an experienced chef.

All students are provided with a lunch. We do send out a fortnightly menu so parents can be aware of days that their child may wish to opt out and bring lunch from home. Any food brought to school must meet the healthy food guidelines. If your child is not having a school provided lunch, they also must only have a healthy option lunch from home on those days.

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Food at School

Your child will need to be supplied a suitable lunch box with enough food for brain break, morning tea and lunch if not eating the school lunch. Children who have to wait for Bus 2 often need an extra snack in their lunch box as well.

Special Events

If you wish to bring a cake for a birthday or other treats to school please contact your class teacher for guidelines in regards to any dietary requirements in that class.